Buddy Holly From Beyond The Grave

Greetings one and all.

I recently (about 10 minutes ago in fact) stumbled across a very excellent download, a bunch of songs that the late great Buddy Holly (real name Charles Hardin Holley, note the E in Holley) recorded in his New York City apartment in the months prior to his death. Some are incomplete, some have the sound of his wife (presumably) putting plates away in the background but I like them all the more for that. They are for the most part just Buddy and his acoustic guitar (most likely a Gibson J45) Some of them you might know as a full band was added after Buddy’s death to keep the hits coming but these are the originals, and they’re bloody great!

Anyway, they’re known as Buddy Holly – The Apartment Tapes, and they’re here

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  1. ned says:

    Love it Danny, really pure and simple.
    Thanks for finding it.

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